What is the blue shampoo for blonde hair? Well, maintaining the blonde hair that you get through hair dye is not easy. Because eventually the color of hair will fade and re-change to the original hair color. You may come back to the color it when the blonde color disappears,

The first important thing that should you know about bangs is how to keep them at the perfect length. If your bangs come long, you should trim away. Some hairstylist also offers the free trimming for the consumer. But, if you haven’t lots time to go to the salon you

The hairstyle with long layers is the most popular hairstyle recently; world celebrities have the long layers style such as Priyanka Chopra, Jennifer Aniston, and Lily Aldridge. It’s easy to apply if you have the long hair, no matter the hair type you have, straight, curly, and waves it will

You look so prettier and cheer up with dark brownish reddish hair color; this hairstyle looks chic and blows up on long hair and short hair too. If you want to create a new style and different looking, you should try this hairstyle. The red color has some kinds and

Nowadays, the beach wave becomes the most popular hairstyle for girls. It can apply for hair or long hair type. The beach wavy will showcase the feminine, soft, sexy and grungy in one time. If you still confused how to beach waves for short hair, you will find the answer

A square face has the strong jaw-lines, entirely with almost equal in width and length, the straight cheeks, a flat or square chin, and the broad forehead. It’s lucky enough if you have a square face. You can style your hair with bangs; it’s sound great. The bangs for square

If you want to add the highlight on your hair, but you haven’t a lot of time to go to salon or hair stylist, now you can do it by yourself. But, the problem is how to highlight your own hair? Honestly, it little tricky to do, but with little

Hair dryer is one of the important things, especially for women. If you hurry up but your hair still wet, hair dryer is the solution. A hair dryer helps you to get the dry hair quickly.There are so many kinds and types of a hairdryer. When you decide to buy

Do you feel uncomfortable with brassy tone hair? Use the purple or violet shampoo to fix it. Brassy tones make the hair look warmer hues of orange, yellow, and sometimes red. The change of hair color that using purple shampoo before and after will make you fun and beautiful. So,

Every one of us have their own style. The bob haircut was already a trends for women around the world. Women likes this style because it making the hair easy to styling and always fitted for the informal or formal performance. Some celebrities also has the bob haircut style, like