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How To Balayage Your Hair with Simple Treatments

You should read about how to balayage your hair. This is because the hair is the most important thing in your appearance. There’s even a term that says that your hair is your crown. So you have to race to get healthy hair. It is solely done to support your appearance and your comfort with the hair you have.

How To Balayage Your Hair 2

Some people still do not know how to balayage hair technique. To get treatment usually, we have to visit hair beauty salon. Balayage offered is very diverse. We can choose our hairstyle according to what we want or can be tailored to the needs of hair. All that is done to have beautiful hair, soft and healthy.

How To Balayage Your Hair use Easy Steps

Did you know that getting healthy hair does not need to come to hair beauty salon?. You just follow how to balayage your hair to take easy steps. This tip is perfect for you who are very busy and do not have time to come to hair beauty salon. The way that was done was very easy and simple. So you have to read to the end to be able to do the treatment.

How To Balayage Your Hair 3 How To Balayage Your Hair

  1. Prepare The Basic Equipment

You may still be wondering how to balayage your own hair at home. Now you will prove that you can do everything at home. Equipment that you should prepare for balayage at home include gloves and towels. You are also advised to use a barrier cream to prevent your scalp from dying and to anticipate irritation of the scalp.

  1. Prepare Hair Colour

What is balayage hair colour? It is the color that you will apply to your hair. Paskan you already have a hair dye to your liking. You can choose a hair dye that can also protect your hair from the sun. To do balayage at home, you are advised to use hair color that is easy to apply at home. You may be able to use a dye with a gel shape.

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  1. Do An Allergy Test

One of balayage technique you should not miss is an allergy test. We never know hair dye products will not always match the hair we have. You are advised to perform an allergy test within 2 days before doing balayage. Allergy testing is done by applying hair dye to your hair bit. If for 2 days there is no allergy, then you can apply the balayage hair colour.

  1. Prepare Your Hair

Before doing balayage, make sure your hair is dry and clean. It will be difficult to do balayage if your hair is still wet. If you have shampooed, make sure your hair is perfectly dry. Do not forget to use an antidote cream first so that the dye does not reach your scalp.

  1. Start Colouring

The most critical thing in how to balayage ombre your own hair is the start you start coloring. In order for the balayage effect to be achieved, color a long strand of hair and apply it to the area you want. Start with the small part of your hair. Avoid staining on hair root areas. By wearing gloves you can use your fingers to get a natural effect.

  1. Colouring Short Hair

How to balayage your own short hair? Do not worry, you can use a comb to balayage your hair. The way turn the comb into the lightener and the friction on the edge of the bowl so that the color liquid is not excessive. Run the comb teeth from mid hair to the tip. You can also use your fingers to care for the colors.

  1. Colouring Long Hair

If you have long hair, use a brush to apply color liquid. To separate the thin haircut using the tip of the brush. You can add liquids to the brush to suit your needs. Make sure each strip can be closed and evenly distributed.

  1. Finishing

The last step in how to balayage your hair finishing. Let your hair stand for 20 to 30 minutes for the color to stick perfectly. If it is enough, you can rinse your hair with shampoo. You can also use toning mask. Then finished balayage hair process.

That’s all the easy step how to balayage your hair. Hopefully, you can practice all the steps on your own. But, if you lack the confidence to do so you can visit hair beauty salon.

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