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How to Curl Hair with Wand Properly And Correctly

Curly hairstyle is still a trend that is in great demand by women. Therefore you should know how to curl hair with wand easily. Maybe you are familiar with using iron curl, but curl wand is also no less usefull to produce natural curly hair. You can set your hair to become curly quickly, so it saves you time. With a few easy steps you can have curly hair as you want and better yet you can do all this at home.

How to Curl Hair with Wand

If some people prefer to come to a hair beauty salon for curling hair, you should try to curl your hair. Curling hair is not difficult to do. You just follow the tutorial how to curl hair with a wand for beginners if you are new to curling hair. Once you try it, surely you will always get curly your hair without having to come to hair beauty salon.

How to Curl Hair with Wand Easily and Quickly

There are various ways to get beautiful hair. Hairstyles that you should try is curly that is a favourite in many circles. If you want good results, you must first know about how to curl hair with wand. Using the tool will make it easier for you to get curly hair quickly and easily. The result will be more satisfying because you do it with your hands. Read this tutorial to realize your beautiful curly hair.

How to Curl Hair with Wand 2

  1. Prepare your Hair

Before you start step inside how to use curling wand for loose waves, you must first make sure that your hair is dry. Wet hair can interfere with hair curling process. Once your hair is dry, make sure you use a conditioner or something to keep your hair undamaged and the curls produced will look good. To protect hair, you can also use gel.

  1. Initial Step

In doing the steps how to curl hair with wand loose curls after your hair is ready to apply curl wand to hair. What you should notice is do not immediately set it to a high temperature. You can start at a low temperature. For fine hair, you can stay at low temperatures. As for the rough hair should use high temperatures. However, you still have to set it up gradually.

  1. Start with Basic Curls

You can read how to curl hair wand with clip because in this stage you use the clip as a tool. Divide your hair into four parts by using the clip. One section in front, one part behind and two sections on your right and left. Begin doing basic curling on one part of the hair using wand curl for a few seconds. Do not forget to remove the clip first.

  1. Doing Wave Curls

Curly waves are one of a part of how to curl hair with wand easy. This is because it is easy enough to create wave-wave style. Begin to curl from the hair that is close to your face. The curling starts at the end of the hair. Take the longer part and then wrap it up. Perform curling with stop one inch from the tip of the hair. Do the process until all your hair is successful in the curls.

  1. Forming Curly Hair

Curly hair can be one of the hairstyles that can be applied to curling wand short bob. Start by rolling your hair on the wand with a distance not too far from the roots. Let stand for 3 or 4 seconds then release. Do it to all parts of the hair. Your hair will become a fine curl. Do not forget to see the temperature of wand curl. Incorrect temperatures can affect the result of your hair curling.

  1. Finishing

Finally, you have managed to make your hair curly. By using wind curl you can easily and quickly finish your hair curly. The final step you should is to tidy your curly hair with the shape you want. To keep your curls hair long lasting, you can use hairspray.

Curling hair is not difficult if you follow every step of how to curl hair with wand. With easiest steps, you can do it at home. Get beautiful curly hair every day without having to the hair beauty salon.

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