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Dark Ash Brown Hair Color, To Refresh You Are

Brown hair color is favourite, but do you know that brown hair not only has one shade of color but many shades like golden brown, honey brown, coffee brown, and one of the most popular tone are dark ash brown hair color. Ash brown is a brown hair color and silver (or brown-grey) is soft and not cracked by the trend. This shade can also be a primary dimensional color for ombre hair, highlights, or brighter balayage.

Dark Ash Brown Hair Color

There are two types of ash brown, dark ash brown hair color dye or light ash brown. To get a lighter color or light ash brown, may require bleaching or bleaching hair color, but to get dark ash brown hair color, it will be more straightforward.  This ash brown is still beautiful and soft although you were coloring dark or brighter! Hair color is suitable for you with almost any skin color, whether it’s light skin tone like Asian or medium skin and dark skin tone with a cool undertone.

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Tips Before Coloring Hair With Dark Ash Brown Hair Color

Here are some tips you need to consider before you apply dark ash brown hair color:

You Look Matches With Ash Color

The first thing you should notice before you use dark ash brown hair color is your face. Ash color is not a color that is easy to mix and suitable for everyone. This tone is not for everyone. If you want to try this shade, you should have a clean and bright color.

Remember! A clean, bright face does not mean you have to be white ladies! A cleaner and more polished look lead to facial hygiene such as free from redness, pimples and blackheads. If you have severe acne, avoid dark brown hair dye with ash because it only makes your hair look more dirty and dull.

How to color hair dark ash brown hair color?

Nowadays, hair coloring can do by buying hair dye that is sold freely on the market. But what about ash color? According to personally, dark ash brown hair color is my favourite color. Because this color is quite complicated and if one can even make you look like a bum, then you should use professional services, ash color requires high hair dyeing skill to produce perfect color.

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How Should I Set Up dark ash brown hair color?

After you make shades of hair color your hair with the complexion of the ash, you must make sure that you do not look dirty and dull. Therefore, you MUST set your hair for daily activities. A curling iron can be your beautiful best friend! If you find it difficult, then at least you should make sure that your hair does not look messy.

What about Makeup?

Well, for makeup dark brown hair color dye, of course, it MUST be the rule! This composition is important because the color of the ash tends to give a dull effect on your overall look. Therefore, if as long as you have black hair, you are afraid to use bright makeup, now is your chance to try bright color makeup! Bright lipstick and blush on colors make your face look “balanced” so do not hesitate to wear orange lipstick or blush on your pink yes!

Then How to Take Care?

If you decide to shade your hair with dark ash brown hair color, then you should understand that it means you have to take care of your hair extra. The first and foremost thing in colored hair is care. For example, you should use serum, vitamin, conditioner, mask, and spa hair regularly. I know this sounds quite heavy, but you know that to be beautiful requires sacrifice is not it?

Also, you also have to use a particular shampoo colored hair. There are so many colored hair shampoo specials that you can find easily on the market. The tip for you is if you can find a purple shampoo, then do not miss that rare opportunity! The purple shampoo itself has the function of taking care and keeping dark ash brown hair color does not quickly fade.

Well, how ladies, are you ready to dye your hair with dark ash brown hair color? Our advice is that the most important thing about hair dyeing is confidence. You can have any hair color if you have high confidence. With this dark ash brown hair color, you will look fresh, cute, and beautiful. Are you ready to paint girls’ hair?

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