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Half Up Half Down Bun For Any Hair Type

Half up half down bun hairstyle can be an alternative for you who are bored with a regular ponytail. This Hairstyle can use for women with long hair straight or curly, can also be applied to medium hair even short. This hairstyle is also more straightforward, and you can use to watch or just hang out with friends. Half up half down with a bun hairstyle is also gaining popularity among celebrities if you often see Korean drama this hairstyle even often appear.

Half Up half Down Bun For Any Hair type

Half up half down bun hairstyle is the best way for you who are experiencing severe hair day when want to move to campus or just a walk. To make a bun looks neat, you can apply hairspray and hair pomade. Katherin often experimented with her hair. As a person who was actively surfing on social media, he must be fashion-literate.

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How to Make Half Up half Down Bun For Any Hair type

  1. Long Hair

First half up half down bun, try to separate the middle of your hair from the bottom, tie it with a rubber band. Make sure the ponytail’s hair tightened fast. Then, pull back the top hair if you want to increase the volume. Comb the ponytail slowly to leave the impression of a full mane. And Finally, roll your hair ties in a circular motion. You can use a hair stick to keep it neat, and you can give some last touch to your hair according to taste and the half up half down bun easy to make.

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  1. Short Hair

Half up half down bun short hair that you will make will be a bit more difficult but that does not mean cannot be done. You can try it by separating the part of your hair based on the scalp line. Use your hair section from the path to the top of the head to make a ponytail high. After you tie it with a bunch of hair, you can pin the ponytail in the rubber hair area to cover it, Tara! You’ve managed to make a little bun and funny bun.

  1. Thin Hair

If your hair is light and makes the half bun with your hair sounds like a joke, you can still do it with the first step that makes your hair more volume. How? Roll your hair into small pieces when you can pin a hairpin to reduce waves. Then, use hairspray to your hair and comb the part when you want to pull back with a comb onto your head so your hair will look fluffy and more volume. In the end, take the strands of hair and roll into a perfect half up half down bun thin hair.

  1. Wavy And Curly Hair

If you have a wavy hair and you want to make a half bun, it will be easier because your hair has volume and the more visible slick when arranged into a curly half up half down bun hairstyle. The trick is for the pigtail hair into two parts, then position the hair ponytail at the same time and tie with a rubber hair so that the shape does not change. Then, tuck the embers hair to look tidier.

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  1. Straight Shoulder Length Hair

If your hair is not long enough to be tied to a high ponytail, let the rest of the hair decompose. Stages start of dividing the hair ties into two. Furthermore, the hair subdivided into four parts for the curly curl.

After being stuck for about 10 minutes, removing the rubber, then combing the hair with the fingers. Wulan’s hair wholly decomposed. Looks natural and volume your half up half down bun natural is ready, also tied some hair and rolled it up. The messy effect deliberately created. With size, this will make you look cute and fresh.

That’s some half up half down bun hairstyle that you can apply according to your hair type. Just calm down this hair will remain good either applied in hair volume or not. Even this hairstyle will still look pretty messy though. to know the variation; you can see the half bun hairstyle that has been applied by the celebrities. Good news for you, this hairstyle will also make you look cute and cute. Want to try to go away next weekend?

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