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How To Braid Short Hair to Look Beautiful

Many fun ways that can do with long hair, ranging from braids, high ponytail and more. How about short hair? Well, short hair is usually more difficult to made creations with a specific style due to the size of hair that is limited. The divided and left behind hair that must hide with a bobby pin. Even braided hairstyle also looks difficult applied to short hair. But you can follow some step how to braid short hair that you can make.

How To Braid Short Hair to Look Beautiful 4

Hey, but it turns out it’s wrong! Short hair can also make with a variety of braid style that usually can only do on long hair. Want to know the inspiration? Here are many easy braids to do yourself that can try for short hair!

How To Braid Short Hair Easily

Here is some way how to braid short hair that you can do quickly:

1. Side Braids

Side Braid Short Hair

The first braid model is perfect for you who do not have much time to dress up. how to braid short hair from the hair side near the temple to the back. Because of short hair, the braids cannot be around the head, so just half the head. But that’s what makes a new impression; it’s just the rest of the last hair on the braids placed on the inside of the hair. Although the look of this bamboo looks messy, this will make your face and hair become fresh. This is how to braid short hair easily.

2. Dutch Braids Short Hair

Dutch Braid Short Hair

The second braid model is perfect for hangouts with friends. Initially, braid both sides of the hair, is the right and left to the rear. Move behind both sides are united with the rest of the hair. This style is also suitable if used for parties or other formal events. We just add little hair accessories to show a graceful impression on our look. Also, this braid does not take a long time to make it.

3. Half Twisted Crown Braid Short Hair

Half Twisted Crown Braid

The third way how to braid a short hair is unique and modern kind; it is a Half Twisted Crown Braid. Start weaving from the front side. But the three strands are not used all. Just by using two hairs, then the third hair is released down. Continue this braid to the back. Maybe for some people, this model has its difficulties. So, people need to get used to doing this twist. The tidiness of the braids will be more beautiful look.

4. One Side Bang Braid Short Hair

One Side Bang Braid Short Hair

This one model is straightforward and does not require a long time. This braid starts from the front of the hair or bangs, then braids done with sideways to temples only. The rest of the hair placed on the sidelines of hair that is not in braids to look tidier. How to braid short hair because with a glass we can see the braided hair

5. French Side Braid Short Hair

French Side Braid Short Hair

This model can also do for women with short hair. The easy braids to do yourself can starts from the hair of the temple and bring back. The difference from the other twists is, when braiding, we add a little more hair to the one hair we weave. If done, so that braids stick to the hair and not easy to move so it will stay awake even though we have done a lot of activity. However, not everyone can do this braid. Because according to some people, this braid has its level of difficulty when done so that we need others in braiding.

6. Headband Braid Short Hair

Headband Braid Short Hair

This headband braid can do with very short hairs though; this braid detail is how to braid yours into a headband. The braids starting from the top then braided sideways to the hair behind the ears. In this model, also added a little hair of twists is not easy to change or move. This model is so cool that we can use it for parties though. This model is quite easy and straightforward. Here’s the way how to braid short modern hair that makes our appearance becomes elegant.

That some way how to braid short hair to make you more beautiful if applied to blond or coloured hair. Braid will show the path beautifully. But, did not close the possibility would be attractive also if applied to black hair. Even so, not all models of hair braid can use. Because the line is not such visible braids will make the hair as in bun only. Therefore, we must be smart in choosing a braided hairstyle well.

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