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How to Cut Long Layers by Own Self?

The hairstyle with long layers is the most popular hairstyle recently; world celebrities have the long layers style such as Priyanka Chopra, Jennifer Aniston, and Lily Aldridge. It’s easy to apply if you have the long hair, no matter the hair type you have, straight, curly, and waves it will be great to add the long layers on top. But, how to cut long layers by yourself? Before you make the layers, you have to determine the style of the layers before.

How to Cut Long Layers

Measure twice and cut ones, apply that statement to your haircut too. Before you reach your scissors, you have to adjust the layers model to some factors. The length of hair, face shape, and the personal preferences become your consideration. When the hair comes length, it’s more tricky to cut the layers into a short style. Then, the solution is to add the long layers, then how to cut long layers on long hair?

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How to cut long layers for your long hair?

The other thing that should be your consideration is the type of layers you want. The layers type also give an impact to your looking. If you have the long hair, create long layers will bring out the natural texture of your hair. Go to the professional hair stylist to get more complicated layers cut. So, how to cut long layers? Follow the steps below.

How to Cut Long Layers 2 How to Cut Long Layers 3

  1. The sectioned layers with cutting even

Comb through your hair, spray the hair with warm water. It has the function to make your hair wet and easy to style. Divided your hair into four-part using the clip. Take the top section, and decide the length to cut for layers. Cutting off 2-3 inches. Do the same steps for all section. The cut sequence starts from the top, bottom, left and right section. You will get the layers with length evenly. This style is great to apply on long hair with long layers.

  1. The all-over shaggy layers

This is the best choice for long layers for thin hair. To make the shaggy layers isn’t too different from sectioned layers, the difference is on the cutting technique. In shaggy layers, take one section on top, then cutting the hair up at a 180-degree angle. Cut the side to get the even layers, cut the right and left side too. Do it to all over your hair. It creates V-shape on your long hair. You are in cute looking now.

  1. Long layers for long hair with bangs

Make sure that your hair is dry and clean. Comb and brush your hair into a ponytail, then brush the front hair carefully to create bangs. Take your ponytail into the front side and cutting the hair just below the rubber band. If you want to make more layers, repeat the steps until you get your wanted. It’s not difficult, isn’t it?

  1. Short, medium and long layers on long hair

This is the multiple layers, cutting the hair with three grade short, medium and long. To create this style, you have to measure the length of every type of layer to balanced the cutting. After that, maintain the hair with shampoo and conditioner. It will look natural messy and tousled. But, it’s easy to apply, to show the bright looking, coloring your hair with blonde color.

  1. Long Layered for long wavy hair

If you have the long wavy hair, you can apply the layers on your hair. Cut the short layers in front of the hair, and let the back hair long. It’s naturally make your hair more alive and seems not heavy. After you styling, make sure that you maintain the hair with hair protection, shampoo and conditioner too. This style makes you casual and simple looking.

  1. Long layers with a flip

To make the flip layers, cut your back hair into the short, medium and long hair. Then, curling all the ends of layers. It will show up the bounce. This is the best layers for long hair. You have to try this style, especially if you have blonde hair.

That’s all the explanation of how to cut long layers, you can apply the style ones you like. Or maybe you have own hair. Do it by yourself for the best result!

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