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How To Style A Bob Hair? Get The Best Idea Here

Every one of us have their own style. The bob haircut was already a trends for women around the world. Women likes this style because it making the hair easy to styling and always fitted for the informal or formal performance. Some celebrities also has the bob haircut style, like Beyonce, Britney Spears, and Emma Stone. For you who have this hairstyle too, if you have the problem about how to style a bob hair, you can ask your friend to gives the recommendations, or maybe you can search the trends of bob haircut on social media and browser.

How to style a bob hair

The bob hair isn’t only popular for young women, and teenagers, but also for moms. The bob cut hairstyle give cool, optimistic, and cute looking. Adding with suitable hair color and simple makeup make your appearance more confident and good looking. The bob haircut is a great way to refresh your style become chic and funny. You also have to fitted with your face shape, because it’s needed to decide which the style that can be apply for you.

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How to style a bob for your short hairstyle

The most problem of women who have the bob is how to style a bob hair that suitable with the event while you’ll visit. You can try to create own style, like adding the braids or give the cute bangs. Paired with some accessories that always look cute and good with bob hair. you may try some recommendations below to get the best ways to style your bob hair.

  1. Messy curly bob

The messy curly bob style maybe seem like funny, but this style will look nice if you get the undone curls perfectly and set them perfectly too. Use the hair roll to get nice curls. This style will give the classy and elegant looking for the people that see you.

  1. Soft waves bob style

This style maybe is your favorite way to style your bob hair. It looks so pretty and elegant especially if the hair is blonde and thick. This style give voluminous hair and the illusion of the shorter hair. You can apply this time in every moment.

  1. Tight Curls

This is the best bob style for black hair and naturally curls hair. use the curling iron to give the strong curls impression and paired with thick makeup. It can showcase the glamour looking from your self.

  1. Short bob braids

It’s the classic hairstyle and usually apply for African-American women. This style also suitable for women who have the black skin. Short bob with tight braids whole the hair will show the natural, classy, and stylish looking.

How to style a best bob hair

  1. Asymmetrical Bob with highlights

This short for long bob is cute and easy to style. Assymetrical bob is the perfect bob style for school. This style show not too long hair on right side, and short hair on the left side of head. So cute and nice for girl.

  1. Fun and Flirty Bob Style

This is the favorite ways of how to style a bob. This is the choppy hairstyle with angled bob. It’s look like better if adding the pink color or soft purple on tha hair. It can showcase the happy and fresh performance.

  1. Short layered bob with bangs

The short layered hair combine with the assymetrical bangs are so fantastic. To get the perfect layered you can apply the rub pomade with your fingers. Pulling the hair in different direction to give messy style of your hair.

  1. Brushed back bun

This is the beautiful style a bob hair for wedding, brushed back bun style change the straight hair into a curly that places in downward in the backhead. You have to try this style one because it looks pretty and different from another.

  1. Super smooth bob hairstyle

Use the heat protection cream for hair and blow drying the hair with medium round brush. Start from the root of hair, turn doen with the movement that adjust to frame the face. It’s look so elegant one.

Try the style bob hair with your creativity, that’s all the answer from question how to style a bob hair for you all guys. Just because your hair is shorter than anybody else, it doesn’t mean you can’t present the great performance for people around you.

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