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How To Trim Bangs Without Visit Salon

Bangs do become part of the hair quite useful to make you look more fresh, young, even can cover some deficiencies that exposed in your forehead. Having bangs, you should certainly make sure it fixed at the appropriate length, of course, it will not cover your eyes. If you do not have much time to the salon, but want to cut your bangs. Calm down, We will give you tips how to trim bangs without visit salon.

How To Trim Your Own Bangs

Cut bangs you can do at home, of course with some simple equipment you have. Some stuff you need to cut bangs, among others, such as scissors, comb, mirror, and make sure the room you use has good lighting. Can’t wait to try trim your own bangs at home? Well, here are some steps, check this out!

How to Trim Bangs Without Going to The Salon

  1. Make A Ponytail

The first tips, how to trim bangs is tilting your hair and leave your hits (make a ponytail), then comb into the front of the forehead so that you can focus on bangs. Separating bangs and rear hair also will reduce the risk of cutting the side and back hair.

  1. Moisture Your Bangs

Second tips, how to cut front bangs yourself is moisture take your blows in between with the middle finger and index finger. Then spray water or vitamins hair in the form of liquid to give hair moisture. Spray water or liquid hair vitamins will make the fur moist and more facilitate the cutting process.

Cutting Prosess

  1. Cutting Prosses: Cut The Middle Bangs

The third step for how to cut bangs at home is the cutting presses. You can comb your bangs through the inside and hold it in the middle blows. Cut the tip of the bangs, use a comb that lifts the hair as a cutting edge. Start cutting the middle first girls.

  1. Cutting Prosses: Cut Side Bangs

the secons cutting prosses is trim your left and righ side your bangs. You still using the comb as lifter bangs from inside the blows. Cut the left side with 45-degree scissors slowly. Then cut the right side with your left hand, while use the right hand as a retainer comb.

After finishing with remaining side bangs, do the same on the right bangs. However, on the cutting off your right bangs you can use your left hand as a cutter. If you can not cut with the left hand, you can keep the right hand to cut up. Cutting bangs should you do slowly, ensuring the edge is longer than the middle, and do not forget the right and left should balance in length. That’s the fourth step, how to trim your side bangs.

  1. Final Prosses

The final step of how to trim bangs is checked the neatness of the bangs. After you feel enough, check some parts by using your fingertips and bend some parts of bangs and set as you want. Make sure the hair bangs fall in the right place, if not appropriate you can cut it a little to adjust the length, and the right bangs.

  1. Touch Up

After you finish cutting your bangs and have followed step how to cut straight bangs but you feel it is too short, calm down, your bangs will grow more quickly than your hair. About a week, bangs will be elongated and no longer visible shortness. You can also make bangs that are too short invisible by making other hair more volume.

If you satisfied, feel your bangs cut perfectly and do step how trim bangs tutorial correctly. You can apply any makeup with hair bangs, minimal makeup to look cute and sweet, and glamor makeup with a bun to look beautiful and elegant, but do not leave a soft impression with bangs. Is that fun right?

That’s some way how to trim bangs you can do at home without going to the salon with a variety of simple equipment that you have at home. Other benefits of cutting bangs at home in addition to saving your time, you can also save your money and of course increase your creativity, especially in your hairstyle. Isn’t comfortable and wearable can makeover your hair?

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