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How To Trim Your Own Bangs? Check this out!

The first important thing that should you know about bangs is how to keep them at the perfect length. If your bangs come long, you should trim away. Some hairstylist also offers the free trimming for the consumer. But, if you haven’t lots time to go to the salon you should do the trimming by ownself. The problem is how to trim your own bangs?  It looks so tricky to do at home. Practice before to see the result.

How to trim your own bangs

Before you decide to trim your bangs by yourself, you have to prepare some tools. Choose the hair shears in high-quality. It gives an influence for your bangs. Don’t use the shears in a poor-quality product, because of it possible to make your bangs uneven. If you cut the bangs for the first time, don’t worry you can watch the video about that on youtube or ask the help to your friends. But, basically trim the bangs is easy.

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The best way of how to trim your own bangs

There are some tips for you before you trim your bangs by yourself at home. Do the trimming when the hair is dry, because the wet hair maybe look right, but after the hair dries it will look shorter than you expected. Here, the steps of how to trim your own bangs.

How to trim your own bangs 2

  1. Cut across to cut blunt bangs yourself

Hold the shears horizontally to cut the super blunt and heavy bangs. Comb the bangs and turn away your hair into the back, trimming less than you need before. Cut the bangs slowly to control the hair. Don’t hold the bangs with fingers, because it doesn’t work method.

  1. Cut vertically for wispy and soft bangs

Comb the bangs and put in front of the face, hold the shears vertically and trim slowly less for 1/8 inches from the root. Divided the bangs into two section, left and right with looking the middle of your forehead. It’s helpful to maintain the bangs from out of the eyes.

  1. Cutting the layered side bangs

To haircut the side bangs with layered, start with comb the hair which wants to cut. Make triangle part in front of the hair, then take the hair into opposite side you want to fall the bangs. Twist the hair and decide the right angle,  and cut slowly and horizontally.

  1. The full bangs for curly hair

The haircut bangs for curly hair is the full bangs. Separate the hair that you want to cut bangs, then, use the flat iron for sectioned hair, it’s necessary to you who have the curly hair. Make sure that your hair is in a dry condition, cut slowly and less from the length you want.

  1. The bangs for thin hair

The best style to create a thicker hair looking is the bangs like Korean style. Comb the hair, and take the hair that you want to cut, take in front of your face. Hold with your fingers and cut slowly. After that, use the hair clamp to make the bangs bouncy.

  1. Cut the comma bangs style

How to trim your own bangs neatly? Comb your hair and set aside the forehead hair that will create a bangs. Tie the back hair. Divide the bangs into right and left the side, then cut fem the center to the left and from the center to the right. Then use the hair clamp to create the bangs like a comma. You’ll get the chic looking ones.

  1. The bangs for wavy hair

Comb the hair and take the hair section that you want to create bangs, then bend the schare upward, cut the bangs like side swept bangs style, comb to the side that you want to your bangs fall. Clamp it inward to give the waves looking. It’s such a cute style which can become your choice.

  1. Cut the choppy bangs

Make sure that your hair is dry, comb the hair and take the section for bangs. Adjust the length you want and your eye line. Cut slowly, make the right and left side bangs are longer than the middle. Clamp the hair to give more bouncy looking.

That’s all the steps of how to trim your own bangs on some hairstyles. You can apply one fit with your style and face shape. Make sure that you do the maintaining for your bangs and hair.

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