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Long Hair With Short Layered Style

If you have long hair, it’s great to look combines with short layered. There are a few excellent options for short layered on the long hair. The one you choose depends on your face shape, style, and preferences. Framing your face when you are cutting the layers, to get the adjustment with your cheekbones and chin. Long hair with short layered is the perfect looking for women, this option is recommended for thick hair. This look showcase the full bangs in the forehead that cut into a cool jagged fringe.

Long Hair With Short Layered

A short layered adds the thickness of long hair and make you comfortable when styling. You have to consider the personal style when choosing layers. Long hair with short layered and bangs can be your choice if you have a long straight hair, it will look smooth and sleek. But, if your long hair is shag style you will find the undone and messy looking. Short layers also look nice for shoulder length hair by adding the short bangs. Overall, the long hair is the classic style, but the long hair can match with any style and personality.

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The inspiration for long hair with short layered style

Not every woman can keep growing their hair long. Some women think that having the long hair is brittleness, and heavy. But, the long hair with short layered hairstyles is the best solution. You can keep your hair grow long without heaviness, and you can fix the problem. Here the inspiration of (k)long hair with short layered deliver for you.

Beauty Long Hair With Short Layered

  1. Multi-Layered For Long Hair

Mixture the long hair and shortest layer, this style only exists to frame the face. Cutting the hair to make layers not too long, and not too short. This is the right style for you who wants to show the chic cut and sleek to provides the body and movement.

  1. Short Tousled Layer For Long Hair

Combine the long hair with the full bangs that cover the forehead. Cutting the layered shorter on top than the long hair on the back. It’s better to add some tousled curls and coloring the hair with dark brown color. This style can show the glamour and sexy looking.

  1. Short Layered For Straight Long Hair

The short layered haircut is the simple style for long straight hair. Cut your hair with a V-shaped haircut. This style can add more movement for straight and thick hair. If you want to look silky smooth of your hair, use the conditioner and allow them dry with air after washing.

  1. Short Layered For Super Long Hair

Giving some different length for your hair will look natural and healthy. Add side bangs to make your hair looks smooth and sleek and curls the end. This is the best option for you who have super long hair with short layered.

  1. Short Layered with a Flip

Select the best style for short layers for long curly hair. Make the short layers and curls all the hair. Give some waves touched to make your hair look bright and bounce. Short layers will take away the weight and bulks.

  1. Short Layered for Shaggy Long Hair

If you have long platinum hair, try the short layers. Cutting the layers just below your ears, it can give serious volume impression. Create the natural shape with blow the bottom, a half hair to outward and the top half hair to inward.

  1. Short Obvious Layers Style

Create the short layered for long hair on top with taking the plunge on your layers hair. Apply this style for natural ombre hair and choppy waves. For the better, complete with coloring your hair with dark brown color on the top, and let the bottom hair bright.

  1. Short Curl Layers

Curling the short layers to gives fresh texture, and frame around the face. This is the good way to show the cute and cool looking for the girls. Adding the highlights using the bright color, and mix with maroon or violet color to get the perfect looks.

Make sure that you used the right hair protection to keep your hair healthy and avoid the damage. Overall the short layered for long haircuts is the best options for you who want to create a different style. You can try and make own style for long hair with short layered.

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