Naturally Beauty Tips

Curly hairstyle is still a trend that is in great demand by women. Therefore you should know how to curl hair with wand easily. Maybe you are familiar with using iron curl, but curl wand is also no less usefull to produce natural curly hair. You can set your hair to become curly quickly, so it saves you time. With a few easy steps you can have curly hair as you want and better yet you can do all this at home. If some people prefer to come to a hair beauty salon for curling hair, you should try to curl your hair. Curling hair is not difficult to do. You just follow the tutorial how to curl hair with a wand for beginners if you are new to curling hair. Once you try it, surely you will always get curly your hair without having to come to hair beauty

First thing first, if you want to know how to part your hair is figuring what kind of face shape that you have. Parting your hair is considered essential to your appearance because it can emphasize your facial features! This ‘skill’ can define your cheekbones more, and also soften sharp angles of your face. That’s why you need to know more about this information to make your look more fantastic.   Parting your hair can be in the middle, to the side, or unique zig zag. Even though it seems like an insignificant thing, you have no idea that it can change your overall look completely. If you don’t have time for going to a salon or a time for a total makeover, changing hair parting could be a perfect beauty hack idea without too much spending money and time. Read also: Half Up Half Down Bun For Any Hair Type

Half up half down bun hairstyle can be an alternative for you who are bored with a regular ponytail. This Hairstyle can use for women with long hair straight or curly, can also be applied to medium hair even short. This hairstyle is also more straightforward, and you can use to watch or just hang out with friends. Half up half down with a bun hairstyle is also gaining popularity among celebrities if you often see Korean drama this hairstyle even often appear. Half up half down bun hairstyle is the best way for you who are experiencing severe hair day when want to move to campus or just a walk. To make a bun looks neat, you can apply hairspray and hair pomade. Katherin often experimented with her hair. As a person who was actively surfing on social media, he must be fashion-literate. How to Make Half Up half

For some women, fringe is essential as makeup. For you who are lazy to cut bangs to the salon or have been disappointed with the results, you need to try to trim your bangs at home. Various ways how to cut your own bangs that you can do at home with any style you want. You just need to prepare some equipment such as scissors, comb, mirror, and so forth. Lately, the trendy bangs in society are see-through bangs. Today, many celebrities look younger with “see-through” bangs. Which is distinctive features of the forehead still visible and the thin bangs on the front, your appearance will look more cute and innocent! Let’s learn the tricks below about how to cut your own bangs style “see through”. Can’t wait to try it? Check the steps below! How to cut your own bangs: “see-through”  Bangs. Here we present you steps how to

Many people have full face avoid short cuts. In fact, short haircuts for fat face can rock your style if you can put it on correctly. Many people think that short hairstyles can emphasize a chubby face. There are many options such as bobs and pixie, and if you can cut it right, it will not only pull off the short hair but also makes you look very chic, stylish and impressive. A fat or round face will appear slimmer if they cut the bangs styled to be asymmetrical to one side. Short hairstyles for fat faces and double chins options are varied, for example, a short bob, pixie, and many types of hairstyles that cover your ears. After getting your short haircuts makes it to a side parting and comb your bangs to one side for more impressive and different look. This look will be suitable for any occasions