Naturally Beauty Tips

Every one of us have their own style. The bob haircut was already a trends for women around the world. Women likes this style because it making the hair easy to styling and always fitted for the informal or formal performance. Some celebrities also has the bob haircut style, like Beyonce, Britney Spears, and Emma Stone. For you who have this hairstyle too, if you have the problem about how to style a bob hair, you can ask your friend to gives the recommendations, or maybe you can search the trends of bob haircut on social media and browser. The bob hair isn’t only popular for young women, and teenagers, but also for moms. The bob cut hairstyle give cool, optimistic, and cute looking. Adding with suitable hair color and simple makeup make your appearance more confident and good looking. The bob haircut is a great way to refresh your

If you have long hair, it’s great to look combines with short layered. There are a few excellent options for short layered on the long hair. The one you choose depends on your face shape, style, and preferences. Framing your face when you are cutting the layers, to get the adjustment with your cheekbones and chin. Long hair with short layered is the perfect looking for women, this option is recommended for thick hair. This look showcase the full bangs in the forehead that cut into a cool jagged fringe. A short layered adds the thickness of long hair and make you comfortable when styling. You have to consider the personal style when choosing layers. Long hair with short layered and bangs can be your choice if you have a long straight hair, it will look smooth and sleek. But, if your long hair is shag style you will find

Now, everyone should know the coloring hair feels. Some people think that red is the best color for hair and they will love it, but maybe another some people also think it looks redhead as a kid. Whatever the perceptions, there’s a thing that you should know before deciding to color your hair red. The natural red hair color chart will help you to choose the color that suitable for your hair. So, if you choose red, get ready to shine and become the center of people attending. You can get the decision of what the color that fitted for you after you understanding the chart of hair colors. There are so many shades of red color. Some manufacturer has their color chart that available in their products. It’s published their brand name, but there’s a red color chart that used universally. It’s not difficult to understand and to use;

The short layered hairstyles become the hottest style in fashion and beauty world nowadays. If you like the short hair and want to different ideas applied on your hair, the layered haircuts maybe can be your option. Short hair with layers is simple and pretty style; the layered will help you create a new chic look. It also generates the thicker and voluminous look. If you’re interested, you have to try the one of layered style. A layered haircuts style can give more definition for a round or long face. You can make the layers of your short hair by yourself. But, if you can’t do it, you need to go to a prefessional stylist to add the layers to your short hair to avoid hair damaged. Choose the layered style based on your face shape and personality.  Besides that, you should ensure that you have and able to keep

If you have a round face, your hair will cover your ear. The favorite short hairstyle is pixie and bobs, but for a round face, the best choice is the pixie cut hairstyle. Pixie cut for round face allows you to make your face so cute and perform with different style. Some people believe that the bob style or the hair with rounded shape doesn’t suitable for round face because it can give fat impression and not-chic looking. A short hairstyle for a round shape should have a nice looking in forehead and light bangs. You can add the tone color to give glossy looks on your pixie cut hair. If you have a full forehead and a round face, you can add front bangs reaching your eyes. You also can apply the small braids in bangs to make your performance more confident. Pixie cut good for round face and