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How to Part Your Hair In The Right Way

First thing first, if you want to know how to part your hair is figuring what kind of face shape that you have. Parting your hair is considered essential to your appearance because it can emphasize your facial features! This ‘skill’ can define your cheekbones more, and also soften sharp angles of your face. That’s why you need to know more about this information to make your look more fantastic.

How to Part Your Hair


Parting your hair can be in the middle, to the side, or unique zig zag. Even though it seems like an insignificant thing, you have no idea that it can change your overall look completely. If you don’t have time for going to a salon or a time for a total makeover, changing hair parting could be a perfect beauty hack idea without too much spending money and time.

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The Ideals Ways of How to Part Your Hair

You can create hair parting based on your preference. It’s the quickest hack to shape, frame and flatter any hair texture that you have. It can make a different style and changes if you are bored with your usual appearance.

How to Part Your Hair 3 How to Part Your Hair 2

  1. For Fine and Flat Hair

One of the answers of how to make your hair look thicker is parting your hair. The easiest way is drawing a deep side part so that the roots will be lifted. If you’re familiar with Keira Knightley, the illustration is kind of like her. How to do it? The answer is only parting above the center of your iris. It’s useful to make your hair look full and organized.

  1. Polished Center Parted Hair

If you ever wonder how to style middle part hair like Kim Kardashian ‘s super precise center-parted hair, you can also do it for your look. This style is most suitable for those who have long faces to emphasize the shape. It’s perfect and gives a clean and polished effect.

  1. Side Part For Everyone

This side parted hair can be implemented in any face shapes. if you want a safe option, then this is the right one for you. What’s the good thing about side part? It looks edgy and gives you flattering yet fun vibe to your appearance. It will be perfect if you have a strong brow.

  1. Center Part for Straight and Thick Hair

How to part your hair if you have a beautiful straight and thick hair? A lucky chance for you because there might be opportunities that you will appear in a shampoo commercial. Parting your hair in the center will be perfect, but don’t position one dead center because it can reveal the asymmetry in your beautiful face. A half-inch off is strongly recommended.

  1. Hair parting for bangs

It is one of side part hairstyles for medium length hair. If you have bangs that capture your face prominently, you can try centered part. This style will create a versatile look, and it feels like going back to the good old days where ‘60s hairstyle is on the trend. Pins it straight to make a chic appearance or softly curled.

  1. For Springy Curls Hair

If you happen to have wild curls, then unleash your beauty through your natural curls. Let it fall naturally because it will look best when its wild. Then how to part it? Keep it messy! The messier it is, the wilder it looks and perfect for your versatile appearance. To remind you, if the weather is hot, makes it into a messy ponytail. It is one of the answers to how to keep your hair curly.

  1. Deep Side Part Hair

Deep side part hairstyles are everyone’s favorite in this modern era. You can show off your eyes by creating a part at the highest peak at the corner of your brows. Besides, give you an intense look, it also strengthens your makeup. With smoky eyeshadows, cat-eyes and a remarkable red lipstick you will steal the attention!

That’s all about how to part your hair in the right way. Parting your hair doesn’t sound very significant, but it can change your appearance. Share this article with your loved ones and decide which hair-parting the best for your style!

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