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Purple Shampoo Before And After Looking

Do you feel uncomfortable with brassy tone hair? Use the purple or violet shampoo to fix it. Brassy tones make the hair look warmer hues of orange, yellow, and sometimes red. The change of hair color that using purple shampoo before and after will make you fun and beautiful. So, to back the life into your hair, use the purple shampoo twice a week. Besides that, it’s important to look for and find the right purple shampoo fitted with your hair types.

Purple Shampoo Before And After Looking

The purple shampoo contains the purple pigment to neutralize yellow and brassy tones of blonde hair. The purple shampoo for brassy hair used the basic color to hide the brassy tones. So, after you wash your hair with purple shampoo, the hair will absorb a small amount of purple pigment and can prevent the yellow tones up. It can brighten the blonde hair and bring back the fresh color for your hair. The differences before you use the shampoo and after you apply will look out clearly.

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Look the Purple Shampoo Before And After for New Hairstyle

To understand how purple shampoo works is simple. You can learn a little bit color theory. On a color wheel the purple and violet is exact opposite with yellow and orange color, so when you apply the purple shampoo, you will get the yellow color on your hair will disappear. How to apply the purple color? Here the simple guide for you.

  1. Using the purple shampoo

If you’re newbie using purple shampoo, use it on every time you shampoo. It’s better using twice or three times a week. Then, used adjust with the instructions of this product. If you see it doesn’t work, maybe this product not fitted with your hair type. But, if you see it’s starting to get the change, reduce the used of purple shampoo slowly.

  1. Purple shampoo for blonde hair

Apply the purple shampoo with good amount until absorb to the hair root. The blonde hair typically has more golden or brassy on the top of the hair, so the most concentrated amount up on top hair. The use of this purple shampoo depends on the type of hair and the amount of blonde hair that you try to fix.

  1. Applying purple shampoo for yellow hair

If you have yellow hair, leave purple shampoo in for 10 minutes. But, if you want to get a minimal amount of brassy, just a minute or two minutes is enough. You can see the using purple shampoo before and after, you will get a soft hair and glossy looking.

  1. Purple Shampoo for grey hair

You can use the purple shampoo for grey hair too. The blue-violet pigment will preserve silver tones in your grey hair. Just apply on your hair twice a week or if you needed, but not for everyday use.

  1. Using purple shampoo with medicated scalp shampoo

You can use the shampoo twice, once for your regular shampoo or your medicated scalp shampoo to get the hair clean, and once more used the purple shampoo. The purple shampoo doesn’t categorize as cleansing shampoo, so try to use two shampoo technique if you need your hair clean.

  1. Purple shampoo after coconut oil

Using the coconut oil for blonde hair isn’t damage for the color. But,  if you want to apply purple shampoo too you suggest applying the shampoo once or twice a week only. Also, use the violet conditioner before you apply the coconut oil.

  1. Using the purple conditioner

You can see the change from using purple shampoo before and after, if you feel it’s still disappointed, you recommended to apply the purple conditioner too. But, don’t use it often, just once a week only. Purple shampoo and conditioner are more than enough for your hair.

  1. Purple shampoo before and after results

As explained before, the purple shampoo will help you to remove some brassy looking on your hair. The purple shampoo also can give the full, thick and cool style of your hair; exactly you will look beautiful every day.

You also can maintain your blonde hair with some treatments in a salon. But, you can get the change by using purple shampoo before and after. Doing it by ownself at home is more fun, save the money and time.

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