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Short Hair For Round Face, Which One Becomes Your Style?

The round face can’t apply all the short hairstyle. Some short hairstyles that don’t fit with round face because it will give the bad looking, or strange looking. The short hair for round face consists of two hairstyles, the bob, and pixie cut. Both of them, the most famous style is bob style. The key to getting the best haircut for round face is cut some inches below the chin. Some women think that short haircuts are easy to apply because it will make add the face more full.

Short hair for round face

The short hair you have should cover the ears. The short hair will reduce the round looking if apply with asymmetrical bangs on one side. But, if you didn’t want to complicated, very short haircuts for round face might be your choice. Some women that have the short hair believed, that the rounded haircut isn’t good for round face shape because it will make your face become narrower and showcase the chubby cheek.

The best ideas of short hair for round face

The best hairstyle for round face shape is short hair because it will make a face and neck look are longer, besides that it’s important to add some curls on fringers to give the thinner face impression. For the last, the fringe of side hair must be kept to close with the face. Here some recommendations for you to get the best ideas of short hair for round face.

cute short hair for round face good looking short hair for round face

  1. Cropped pixie

It’s probably can be your choice if you don’t want to spend lots time. The cropped pixie is simpliest hairstyle for round face shape ever after. This style offers the very short haircuts for you. It will look like a man, but if you paired with simple makeup too, believe that you’ll become the attention center among people.

  1. Sleek cutting for short hair

If you are bored with the classic style, you have to try the smooth cutting and mix with fresh ice blue color. It will give the ultra-straight cut and sleek looking. This style is fitted for you who want to showcase the different style. It’s a great one of short hair for round face and thin hair.

  1. Choppy hair for shoulder length hair

Do you want to try a new style? Try the choppy haircut for round face and wavy hair. This is the type of choppy bob that recommended for you who want to brighten up the style. It’s better to add the golden color on your hair. It’s very chic looking.

  1. The long, voluminous pixie style

The one of short hair for round face is a classic pixie, but here the style offers a bit longer than a classic pixie. Long, a voluminous pixie will give the thicker and voluminous impression for the people that see you. By this style, you will youthful looking and have a new spirit to do activities, because this style also gives the light hair.

  1. The short flip haircut for round face and fat

The choppy hairstyle is made the hair full alive, adding a little bit of flip will become more cute and chic. This style also making the fat women with round face is refresh and rocking the style. Add the hair with the dark color like brown will make your performance brighter.

  1. Length bob for shoulder hair

The bob style is so great hairstyle for round face and thick hair. Create some curls using the curling iron and blow your hair evenly. Add the blonde color on short hair also make better. This style maybe takes a long time to dry and style, but you will get the perfect hairstyle. Get ready to shine girls!

  1. Curly Bob with side bangs

Another style of short hair for round face female is curly bob combine with side bangs. This style offers an idea for blow up the short hair, and add some waves to look natural and exciting. Just comb the hair once a day, it saves your time.

Overall, the styles of short hair for round face is good. You can try one of them. You also apply that to yourself or go to the hairstylist to get the best result and some advice on how to keep the style of your short hair.

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