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Short Layers On Long Hair That You Can Make at Home

Short layers on long hair are the right choice for any face shape, so you don’t have to worry to trim your hair with that style. Indeed, Layered hair compatible for any face shape but this haircut will not work well for all hair types. This hairstyle is perfect for people with straight or wavy hair that is smooth or medium, but this piece will not work well for people with curly or coarse hair.

Short Layers On Long Hair

If you want to trim short layers on long hairstyles but prefer not to spend money on expensive haircuts, you can do it by yourself, even at your home with simple equipment. There are simple techniques you can try at home. Long hair with the layer is the way to go!

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How to Make Short Layers On Long Hair

  1. Prepare

To make a short layer on long hair, first of all,  make sure that the equipment is ready for this layering, such as scissors, comb, mirror, and hairspray (this spray can be ordinary water). The first step, you should make your hair stalled for the layering, start by washing your hair, then dry using a towel, until completely dry. Since it’s more difficult to control the length when you work with wet hair, use a wide-toothed comb to comb all of the tangles from your hair so that the layers you create will be neat.

  1. Separate The Hair Parts

Separate the outer hair part or part of the hair that will be in layering, then tied separately with the premises hair that will not be layered. Comb your hair which you want, comb the hair part that will be in layering, then place forward, parallel to the forehead. Make sure your hair is tied neatly, because if not tidy it will affect the layer hairstyle results, especially on the long and short layer.

  1. Cut The Outside Of The Hair

Outer hair that has been separated and tied, then trim it slightly according to the desired length. Do it slowly and thoroughly. Because you want to make a short layer, you can cut the separate sheet was quite a lot and straight.

Both ways are equally functioning to make a short layer for long hair; it’s up to how you think it’s easier to process layering. This method means it only distinguishes the length of the hair part to be layering and not, but not in the cutting layer. But if the outside of your hair is shorter than inside, you don’t need to do this step. This one step arranged for you who have a matching hairstyle on the inside and outside.

  1. Layering Process.

Hold your hair tightly so it will not get away quickly. Make sure you use scissors special for hair or regular scissors but sharp enough for cutting hair. If you have a thin hair, it will be simple and easier for you because layered haircut for thin hair are cut less and can do at once. But, for you who have thick and dense hair, you need to set it aside so that you can trim each part correctly and thoroughly. Don’t forget to make sure you cut each piece of the same length.

  1. Re-check Your Layers.

Trim short layers on long hair make some face-framing layers which front side is more concise than at the back. Adjust the left and right layers, make sure both have the same length. If you find the messy length of your hair on your sheet, fix it immediately by trimming it bit, slowly, and carefully so as not to increase the cutting error on your hair again.

After everything looks perfect, comb your hair and make a hairdo with the style you want. do not forget to clean the neck and nape of the hair of the remaining pieces. Put on makeup, and you ready to go!

That’s some tips to make a short layer on long hair that you can apply at home. With the easy method, you just need to do some steps with some simple equipment. The secret to making this layer perfect is patient and meticulous because you need precision for measurement of your long hair and patience for the cutting that should do slowly. Ready for makeover your long hair? Lets that in the weekend do girls.

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